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Nikki and the Robots

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Making Levels for Nikki and the Robots

Arrows for the Level editor Tutorial

Arrows for Tutorial

We made a short tutorial for Nikki's  editor with instructions on how to create, navigate and save levels and place robots, tiles and other objects.

You can also browse the tutorial on IndieDB or via Readability.

We made a video tutorial as well:

[links: Vimeo | YouTube | IndieDB]

Only a little bit.. and the level competition can start.

Got any questions about the editor? Want to show off your first creations? Use the comments, email us or post to the IndieDB forums!

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2 Responses to “Making Levels for Nikki and the Robots”

  1. Is it purposely the case that robots don’t trigger falling tiles? Also if a robot gets stuck (for example, upside down), is there an easy way to flip it back over?

  2. Iwan says:

    Niki-sensitive tiles are on purpose that way and jetpack robots have no way of getting back up yet.

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