The Joyride Labs no longer actively work on this project. A lot of the information on this website is outdated. See this blog post to find out more.
Nikki and the Robots

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Building on Community Content


We flexed our brain muscles for some new ideas to ensure that Nikki and the Robots will be as complete and charming as we are anticipating, without pushing the release date into 2012+. The plan to create four episodes and then sell them has been dropped in favor of a new release concept, which emphasizes an open development philosophy and community involvement:

This development strategy of Nikki and the Robots is based on the following:

  1. Community Levels Everywhere: Nikki will feature a level server to exchange community levels created with the editor. We will pick the best and upgrade them to be included in the story mode.
  2. Step-by-Step Story: The story mode will have episodic releases and each episode will be a combination of upgraded community levels and new content made by us.
  3. Partial Protectionism: The story mode will be available for pay. The sweet-looking graphics of the story mode won't be available for editing and sharing right away. However, we are likely to make more assets free-as-in-freedom as the game's development progresses.

Our following steps will be a new Nikki release, writing extensive tutorials for the editor and our first level design contest. Expect all of these things to happen very soon!

We are pretty excited about this new idea! Have you spotted a weak pillar in our plan? Or perhaps you can tell us of a project that tried something similar? Your thoughts and comments are more than welcome!

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