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Nikki and the Robots

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Nikki's First Open Level Design Contest

We're starting our first level design competition! Fire up the editor and create something amazing!

We will pick 10 winning level designs (possibly even more), whose creators will each receive a free copy of Nikki and the Robots (the full game), and they will be included in the game's credits.

One Three of the level builders will also win a fancy Nikki and the Robots t-shirt!

Our level editor is easy to use and we have made a short tutorial [links: GDocs | Readability | IndieDB] and an instructional video [links: Vimeo | YouTube | IndieDB].

You can send us your levels via email, upload them to a hosting site and send us the links, or you can post them to the forum. For hosting files we recommend, or

In your submission, please include:
  • Name (for attribution/credits)
  • Email address (for contact)
  • The phrase "These levels are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0" (CC BY)

The winning levels will be included in updates of Nikki and the Robots. We will also create retouched versions with additional graphics and content and then include these levels in the story mode of the full Nikki game.

Authors will be given notable attribution both in the game and on our website.

No Clones Allowed!No Clones Allowed!

Everybody is welcome to submit as many original levels as they like. Allow other games to inspire you - we all do - but no clones, please. :)

This competiton ends on July 7th 2011.

If you have any questions about the contest, please feel free to contact us via comments, email, forum or the freenode #nikki chat room (Lurk! We're bound to appear sooner or later). PS: we have a German language version of this announcement here.

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12 Responses to “Nikki’s First Open Level Design Contest”

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  4. Rörich says:

    Anfangs dachte ich cool ein Levelwettbewerb, Zeit für ein wenig Kreativität, als ich dann jedoch feststellen musste, dass man keine neuen Tiles hinzufügen konnte habe ich Nikki erst einmal gelöscht.

  5. Iwan says:

    Ein tiles-pack kannst Du an uns per email senden, wenn du es unter cc-by lizenzieren magst und wir schauen ob es teil von Nikki and the Robots sein kann :)

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