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Nikki and the Robots

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Platform Robots

Some time ago, we wrote about the development of platform robots. They are finished now and turned out to be quite fun:

We tried to make the platforms have a nice physical feel. Also, they have the following behaviour: If the paths of two platforms have the same length (or one length is a multiple of the other) the platforms will stay in sync, which is very practical!

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2 Responses to “Platform Robots”

  1. Anders Kaseorg says:

    If the platforms were physical, they’d bounce down not just when you land on them, but also when you jump off of them. Conservation of momentum, and all that.

  2. cptfuro says:

    Yeah, you’re absolutely right. We have actually been thinking about this the other day and we might include this behavior. There could be a couple of downsides to that, when it comes to platforming gameplay, though… So, we still have to decide how to deal with this issue.

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