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Nikki and the Robots

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Release Concept

We have thought about how to release "Nikki and the Robots" for a long time, and this is what we finally came up with... First, there will be the "Edit Mode", a fully playable version of "Nikki and the Robots" featuring various levels, a level editor, and online functions. This will be released as free software (under LGPL and Creative Commons). And then, towards late 2010, we will release our "Story Mode", which will tell the adventure around Nikki, Dr. Lacroix and the robots in four episodes. These episodes will be available for download for a rather small amount of money.
»Wir haben lange darüber beraten, wie wir "Nikki and the Robots" veröffentlichen, und schließlich haben wir uns Folgendes ausgedacht... Zuerst wird es den "Edit Mode" geben, eine voll spielbare Version von "Nikki and the Robots" mit verschiedenen Leveln, einem Level-Editor und Online-Funktionen. Dieser Teil wird als kostenlose, freie Software veröffentlicht (unter LGPL und Creative Commons). Und dann, gegen Ende 2010, werden wir unseren "Story Mode" veröffentlichen, der in 4 Episoden das Abenteuer um Nikki, Dr. Lacroix und die Roboter erzählt. Diese Episoden werden für wenig Geld als Download verfügbar sein.

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3 Responses to “Release Concept###Veröffentlichungskonzept”

  1. Catinthewall says:

    Yeah, people have been burned by episodic games recently, we’ve been waiting for HL2 episode three for ages.

    What I’d prefer to see is “edit mode” bundled with a ‘prequel’ story for free, with a full game less than six months after that, the smaller the gap the better.

    After the edit mode is out, allow pre-orders to get to play finished chapter while the story mode is being made, like “revenge of the titans” is doing.

    The trailer really intrigues me, I can’t wait to play it.

    Questions keep poking at my mind though.

    Are the robots modular, allowing level designers to make custom robots for maximum puzzle potential, or are they premade, with only a small selection to choose from?

    What online functions are you planning? A level server? (PLEEZ!)

    What exactly is Nikki, in both species and gender? Androgynous name, leaning toward female. Androgynous body, leaning towards male, androgynous face, those two pink pixels leaning it towards female and adorable, and androgynous ears and tail, leaning toward cat.

  2. cptfuro says:

    Hi Catinthewall,

    thank you for your comment!

    Regarding the online functions, we can’t really announce any details yet, but you might be rather happy.

    And about our main character being so mysterious… that’s why we like Nikki so much! :)

    Stay tuned for our further announcements!

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