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Nikki and the Robots

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Nikki: One more week of pay what you want

Nikki and the Robots Story Episodes will remain pay-what-you-want until at least 1st October, 24:00 GMT/UTC! Then we will make a decision on how to proceed. Our options include to stay in pay-what-you-want mode forever, to gradually increase the minimal price or to switch to a fixed price model.

Nikki Story Episodes Pay What You Want Statistics one week in

Nikki Story Episodes Pay-What-You-Want Stats one week in

We made a bit more than EUR 2,300 so far, with about 450 purchases made. The average payment ranks at EUR 4.94. Many thanks to all our supporters!

We spent last week spreading the news about our release but also fixing some problems (a major Windows bug fix). Finally we sent free versions of Nikki and the Robots Story Episodes to our level contest winners and started using our Twitter account more actively.

Do you have suggestions or preferences on what pricing methodology we should follow? Or places, in which news about Nikki have not appeared yet, but probably should? If so, please get in touch via a comment below or email.

Nikki and the Robots: Story Episodes
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2 Responses to “Nikki: One more week of pay what you want”

  1. Picked up a copy. But the default paypal is set to Germany, and for some reason that changes most of the country names. Canada must be called something else by Germans???
    I eventually found another country that I recognized as speaking English so switched to that and Canada appeared as an option. but it was altogether quite a complicated thing to expect all payers to go through.

  2. Iwan says:

    This behavior is really annoying, yes. We’re having problems finding a solution though. Right now it looks like the default buyer’s language is DE, if the user has no PayPal cookie set already. This seems to depend on the seller’s (our) address, which is in Germany.

    We really would want the default language to be English, if the user has none set (or the one set by the system or browser) but it seems like the locale setting would overwrite user settings, so those who have a PayPal cookie set to “France” would end up on the US-locale checkout page anyways.

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