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Sound Libraries

WARNING: This is a development post. So if you're not into programming, you might find it pretty boring...
Over the last weeks, I tried to find a good library for sound output. The library should be able to do the following:
  • compile on all relevant platforms without to much hassle
  • play background music from compressed files
  • play sounds triggered by input events without notable lag (for jump sounds, etc.)
First, I looked at Phonon, which is a multimedia API that is part of Qt. But -- apart from being not quite finished and still somewhat buggy -- it's an API for playing multimedia content. That does exclude playing sounds in real time, which is of course something we need.
Then I gave SDL a try. On Linux it works very well. But I found compiling SDL on Windows XP rather painful, and I didn't manage to get it compiled with the DirectSound backend, which seems to be necessary to get a low latency for triggered sounds. (I think the backend that was used, is called "waveout", and always has a latency of at least 250ms).
At that point, I was not sure, if a nice and easy solution could be found at all... till i tried out SFML. It's meant to be a modern replacement for SDL. It's written in C++ (but has complete C-Bindings) and the project looks very alive. As usual, triggered sounds on Windows XP were being played with a lag. But the people at the SFML forums were quite helpful and suggested using the svn version. That version works fine both on Linux and Windows XP. So, after a long and painful search, Joyride Laboratories proudly presents the sound library, that we will most probably use:
SMFL 2.0
That is, if it also works nicely on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

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3 Responses to “Sound Libraries”

  1. Tener says:

    What are the chances that you will publish open source Haskell bindings to SFML?

  2. Iwan says:

    Way ahead of ya!

    This old post above was probably pushed to the Haskell planet due to me updating it. I hope it didn’t cause any annoyances.

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