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Windows bugfix: libstdc++-6.dll was not found

core.exe: libstdc++-6.dll not found

If you see above error message when trying to run Nikki and the Robots, please download libstdc++-6.dll here and unzip it to the nikki\ directory or alternatively download the game again - the problem has been fixed in the latest release for Windows.

PS: the updater won't restart the game on Windows! (Also fixed in the new release.)

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2 Responses to “Windows bugfix: libstdc++-6.dll was not found”

  1. Antonio says:

    Hi, I just found out about your game. I’d love to try the latest alpha but the game does not start here, it just bounces for a sec on the dock and then it exits. Any hints?
    Macbook Pro late 2008 on Lion 10.7.1

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